Recumbent tricycle and bicycle service and support for Austin and central Texas 512-453-0438, by appointment only

Recumbent tricycle and bicycle: Recumbents are pedalcycles where you lean back in the seat and the pedals are out front. Recumbent tricycles have three wheels and are currently the most common recumbents. But there are many recumbent bicycles with two wheels. Handcycles, where the rider pedals with their arms, are not recumbents, but The Wizard is familiar with them too.

The Wizard has been riding, fixing, and selling recumbents since 1996, at Easy Street Recumbents in Austin. He is now an independent wizard.

Service: This is the matter of diagnosing and repairing mechanical problems. The Wizard has seen and resolved many problems in his time. His current labor rate is $90/hour, but many jobs can be quoted at a fixed rate. You can bring your recumbent in to have it checked for possible problems, to deal with particular problems or malfunctions, or to have it thoroughly massaged into shape.

The Wizard can work on regular bikes, yawn, but is not expert in sophisticated suspension systems, STI shifters and the like, downhill MTB, nor BMX, and he’d rather not work on e-bikes due to weight and proprietary parts matters yada yada yada.

Support: If you are shopping, buying used, selling, or just riding the heck out of your recumbent, then The Wizard likely knows something of use. Such problems have come before him often.

You don’t have to know much about tricycles and bicycles to enjoy using them. Nor do you need to know much about your recumbent to have The Wizard care for it. The Wizard may see things that you cannot, but he will always talk on your level. Client questions and concerns are welcome and respected.

Austin and central Texas: Also known as Babylon-on-the-Colorado, Austin is famous for its grackles, cross-dressers, and rich people. If you make it there you can drop off your tricycle. Pick up and delivery service is available, for a price.

The Wizard’s workshop is located in the 78752 area code. Contact Mike for more details. 512-453-0438, by appointment only